Beagle Puppies for Sale

We are a registered and licensed beagle puppies breeder, offering registered and trained beagle puppies for sale to loving and receptive homes, veterinary services to a variety of pets and animals, pet sitting services for your beloved pets. Since 2016, Carmen’s Beagles has been a top beagles kennel, responsible for tens of beagle puppies for sale to new owners. We are popular for providing beagle puppies for sale in PA, Michigan, NY, NJ, CT, OH, Texas and several states all over the USA. As of 2019, we now provide beagle puppies for sale in Canada, Australia, Germany and the UK as well by partnering with kennels licensed and registered in those parts of the world. Our pet sitting and veterinary services are regarded among the top in the USA for always upholding the best standards, with a team of dedicated, well trained and loving beagle puppies and pet lovers as a whole.



Over The Top Services

We not only offer pet adoption services for beagles but provide pet sitting and veterinary services as well for a vast number of pets.

With a core team of experts, including 3 veterinarians, 2 pet sitting specialists,  2 beagle puppies breeders with 13 years of experience, an adoption and rehoming expert, we form a team best suited to process your smooth beagle puppy adoption and rehoming of beagle puppies and health services for your favorite pets.



Adopting is an act of love

Adopting a registered beagle puppy has never been easier and safer

All of our beagle puppies available for sale have been fully weaned, registered and come with full health guarantees and insurance from PetPlan. We pride ourselves in maintaining an unbeatable standard.



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